Amplifiers and Processors

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Arylic A50+ 50W x 2 Streaming Amplifier

AED 1,153.95 Ex Tax:AED 1,099.00

Equipson Work PA-200 MX Power Amplifier

AED 2,059.05 Ex Tax:AED 1,961.00

Equipson Work PA-200 Power Amplifier

AED 1,913.10 Ex Tax:AED 1,822.00

Equipson Work PA-4150 L Power Amplifier

AED 2,625.00 Ex Tax:AED 2,500.00

Equipson Work PA-4500 L Power Amplifier

AED 4,469.85 Ex Tax:AED 4,257.00

Equipson Work WPE-44 Digital Audio Processor

AED 1,712.55 Ex Tax:AED 1,631.00

Mipro Personal Wireless PA System

AED 1,403.85 Ex Tax:AED 1,337.00

TOA A-2030H Mixer Power Amplifier (H version)

AED 1,118.25 Ex Tax:AED 1,065.00

TOA A-2060H Mixer Power Amplifier (H version)

AED 1,337.70 Ex Tax:AED 1,274.00

TOA A-2120H Mixer Power Amplifier (H version)

AED 1,726.20 Ex Tax:AED 1,644.00

TOA A-2120SA Mixer Power Amplifier

AED 1,726.20 Ex Tax:AED 1,644.00

TOA DA-250DH 250W Dual Power Amplifier

AED 5,796.00 Ex Tax:AED 5,520.00

TOA P-2240 Power Amplifier (H version)

AED 2,440.20 Ex Tax:AED 2,324.00

TOA PC-1869 Ceiling Mount Speaker

AED 113.40 Ex Tax:AED 108.00

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