Professional Audio

We offer best in the class Professional Audio Equipment across multiple brands that make for valuable addition to your existing audio kits.

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Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixing Console

AED 9,171.75 Ex Tax:AED 8,735.00

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Yamaha MG06X Mixing Console

AED 750.75 Ex Tax:AED 715.00

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Yamaha MG10XU Mixing Console

AED 1,165.50 Ex Tax:AED 1,110.00

Yamaha MG12 12-channel Analog Mixer

AED 1,554.00 Ex Tax:AED 1,480.00

Yamaha MG16X CV 16-channel Stereo Mixer

AED 2,556.75 Ex Tax:AED 2,435.00

Yamaha RM-TT Tabletop Array Microphone - White

AED 2,966.25 Ex Tax:AED 2,825.00

Arylic A50+ 50W x 2 Streaming Amplifier

AED 1,153.95 Ex Tax:AED 1,099.00

Equipson DM-1-N Desktop Microphone

AED 562.80 Ex Tax:AED 536.00

Equipson SN SUB 8 Passive Suspension Subwoofer

AED 3,574.20 Ex Tax:AED 3,404.00

Equipson Work 62DMX004 Pocket DMX Tester

AED 2,043.30 Ex Tax:AED 1,946.00

Equipson Work C-PRO 6 Ceiling Loudspeakers

AED 716.10 Ex Tax:AED 682.00

Equipson Work CSR-208 MKII Audio Projectors

AED 222.60 Ex Tax:AED 212.00

Equipson Work IC-4 PRO Ceiling Loudspeakers

AED 279.30 Ex Tax:AED 266.00

Equipson Work IC-50 T Ceiling Loudspeakers

AED 103.95 Ex Tax:AED 99.00

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