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Arylic A50+ 50W x 2 Streaming Amplifier

  • A50+ is a stereo amplifier that can power your passive speakers, stream sounds from nearly unlimited sources via WiFi, Airplay, or Bluetooth 5.0 to any rooms for multiroom listening.
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A50+ is a stereo amplifier that can power your passive speakers, stream sounds from nearly unlimited sources via WiFi, Airplay, or Bluetooth 5.0 to any rooms for multiroom listening.

Powerful Streaming Amplifier Fits Your Rooms

A50+ streaming amplifier packs 50 watts per channel which is a great enough to power your home passive speakers. Stream undistorted, clear sound more stable via WiFi, Airplay and Spotify Connect, DLNA, UPnP, Qplay to every rooms. Or switch to Bluetooth 5.0 streaming anytime for flexible resources playing.

Connect Any Sounds In One System

Stream from your favorite: online music service, online radio, NAS, USB stick, phone storage. Or TV audio from optical in, CD player from RCA in and third-party software with DLNA, UPnP protocols supported.

Pass AudioThroughout Rooms

Easily play under the multiroom mode with our 4STREAM app. Clicking to group the zones for sync playing, or playing different music at the same time to different rooms by choosing the audio sources. All supported audio sources are available to streaming under multiroom mode by A50+ multiroom amplifier.

Upgrade Your Listening Experience

Listen at more stable, clear, detailed and undistorted sound with A50+ WiFi stereo amplifier. And improve the listening experience with EQ control and gapless playing in our FREE iOS& Android 4STREAM app.

Control In Any Way

Take full functionally control via our 4STREAM app with network, easy streaming via your iOS devices by Airplay, quick web control without app or local remote control without network.

Easy To Get Started

User-friendly UI design and clear setup instruction allow you to get started without complicated steps. All family members are available to join streaming easily. Use Lan connection to connect to the netwrok directly, elimnating first setup steps and win more stable network streaming experience.


A50+ WiFi Stereo Amplifier, User Manual, Remote, 24V 4.16A DC Power Adapter, External Antennas (Bluetooth & WiFi), 2-1 RCA Cable, 2-2 RCA Cable, Screw Driver, 4 Pin Phoenix Connector (for speakers).

Arylic A50+
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
5.0 SBC/AAC, 10M
Wired Connection
Ethernet RJ45
Streaming Protocols
AirPlay, DLNA, UPnP, Spotify connect, Qplay
Music Format
Audio Decode
Up to 24bit/192kHz
Audio Output
44.1khz/16bits, CD quality
Frequency Response
0.03%, @1kHz 50W+50W 24V-4Ω
Speaker Impedance
Speaker Power
2×50-W into a 4-Ω BTL Load at 24 V
2×30-W into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 24 V
DC Input
Analog Input
RCA x1/2Vrms
Analog output
Sub Out x1/2Vrms, Speaker Out
Digital Input
Micro USB Input x1, Optical Input
Digital output
Amplifier Chip
USB Host
For USB pen drive/stick, 1000 songs limited
WiFi/Bluetooth Signal
Online Music Service
Check Here
Local Storage
Mobile device memory, NAS, USB pen drive/Stick
120 x 113 x 37mm
Working temperature
iTunes/Musicbee/Foobar 2000
Remote Control Available
4stream App
Free iOS and Android App
Power Button
Device on:
Short press once: Switch input mode
Long press once: Switch off
Short press twice: Disconnect current WiFi connection and enter paring mode (WiFi mode); Disconnect current connected Bluetooth device (Bluetooth mode)
Short press three times: Restore the factory settings

Device off:
Short press: Switch on
LED indicators
White-WiFi & network mode:
Flashing fast-device is booting
Flashing slow- waiting for WiFi connection
Solid- WiFi is connected

Blue-Bluetooth mode:
Flashing slow- waiting for Bluetooth connection
Solid- Bluetooth is connected

Green-Line in mode
Red-USB mode
Yellow-connect to PC
Purple-Optical in mode
User Manaual