Analog Mixers

We sell top of the line Analog Mixers that deliver superior results and match all your performance requirements while maintaining the best prices.

Yamaha MG12 12-channel Analog Mixer

AED 1,554.00 Ex Tax:AED 1,480.00

Yamaha MG16X CV 16-channel Stereo Mixer

AED 2,556.75 Ex Tax:AED 2,435.00

Yamaha MG16XU Mixing Console

AED 2,646.00 Ex Tax:AED 2,520.00

Yamaha ZG01PACK Game Streaming Audio Mixer Pack

AED 2,352.00 Ex Tax:AED 2,240.00

Yamaha AG03 3-channel Mixing Console

AED 729.75 Ex Tax:AED 695.00

Yamaha AG08 Live Streaming Mixer - Black

AED 3,108.00 Ex Tax:AED 2,960.00

Yamaha MG10X CV 10-channel Stereo Mixer

AED 1,039.50 Ex Tax:AED 990.00

Yamaha MG10XU Mixing Console

AED 1,165.50 Ex Tax:AED 1,110.00

Yamaha MG12XU Mixing Console

AED 1,821.75 Ex Tax:AED 1,735.00

Yamaha MGP24X 24-Channel Premium Mixing Console

AED 6,573.00 Ex Tax:AED 6,260.00

Yamaha ZG01 Game Streaming Audio Mixer

AED 1,674.75 Ex Tax:AED 1,595.00

No Stock

Yamaha AG06MK2 Live Streaming Mixer - White

AED 966.00 Ex Tax:AED 920.00

No Stock

Waves Audio DSPRO StageGrid 1000

AED 15,452.85 Ex Tax:AED 14,717.00

No Stock

Yamaha AG03MK2 Live Streaming Mixer - Black

AED 798.00 Ex Tax:AED 760.00

No Stock

Yamaha AG03MK2 LSPK Live Streaming Pack - Black

AED 1,716.75 Ex Tax:AED 1,635.00

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