Digital Mixers

We sell top of the line Digital Mixers that deliver superior results and match all your performance requirements while maintaining the best prices.

Equipson MMX-65 7-Channel Mixer

AED 1,369.20 Ex Tax:AED 1,304.00

Yamaha DM3 Standard Digital Mixing Console

AED 6,720.00 Ex Tax:AED 6,400.00

Yamaha NY64-D Card

AED 2,331.00 Ex Tax:AED 2,220.00

Yamaha TF-RACK

AED 9,355.50 Ex Tax:AED 8,910.00

Yamaha TIO1608-D

AED 5,601.75 Ex Tax:AED 5,335.00

No Stock

Equipson Work MMX-60 6 Channels Analog Audio Mixer

AED 1,130.85 Ex Tax:AED 1,077.00

No Stock

Extreme SoundGrid Server

AED 9,463.65 Ex Tax:AED 9,013.00

No Stock

Extreme-C SoundGrid Server

AED 9,270.45 Ex Tax:AED 8,829.00

No Stock

Waves Audio Axis Proton

AED 3,474.45 Ex Tax:AED 3,309.00

No Stock

Waves Audio Axis Scope

AED 7,724.85 Ex Tax:AED 7,357.00

No Stock

Waves Audio DSPRO StageGrid 1000

AED 15,452.85 Ex Tax:AED 14,717.00

No Stock

Waves Audio DSPRO StageGrid 4000

AED 23,953.65 Ex Tax:AED 22,813.00

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