Conference System

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Lumens VC-R30 Full HD IP PTZ Camera

AED 6,707.40 Ex Tax:AED 6,388.00

Optoma 5752RK

AED 7,350.00 Ex Tax:AED 7,000.00

Optoma HD28i 3D DLP 1080P Full HD Projector

AED 3,594.15 Ex Tax:AED 3,423.00

Univox CTC Cross the Counter Systems

AED 1,453.20 Ex Tax:AED 1,384.00

Univox Listener Loop receiver/Testing device

AED 638.40 Ex Tax:AED 608.00

Univox SmartLoop

AED 1,431.15 Ex Tax:AED 1,363.00

No Stock

Lumens LC-RC01U - Remote Control Panel for LC200

AED 1,334.55 Ex Tax:AED 1,271.00

No Stock

Lumens LC100 CaptureVision System

AED 10,948.35 Ex Tax:AED 10,427.00

No Stock

Lumens LC200 CaptureVision System

AED 14,700.00 Ex Tax:AED 14,000.00

No Stock

Lumens VC-A61P 4K 30fps PTZ IP Camera

AED 11,993.10 Ex Tax:AED 11,422.00

No Stock

Lumens VC-TA50 AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

AED 2,518.95 Ex Tax:AED 2,399.00

No Stock

Univox FSM 2.0 Professional Field Strength Meter

AED 2,283.75 Ex Tax:AED 2,175.00

No Stock

Univox P-Loop Portable Loop System

AED 9,494.10 Ex Tax:AED 9,042.00

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