Amplifiers and Processors

Buy Amplifiers and Processors from the best brands that provide the best results. Shop from Thomsun Music and avail the best deals in UAE.

Mipro MA-705 Portable Wireless PA System

AED 628.95 Ex Tax: AED 599.00

Mipro Personal Wireless PA System

AED 1,363.95 Ex Tax: AED 1,299.00

Yamaha MA2030A

AED 2,021.25 Ex Tax: AED 1,925.00

Yamaha MA2120

AED 4,252.50 Ex Tax: AED 4,050.00

Yamaha MRX7-D Signal Processor

AED 17,340.75 Ex Tax: AED 16,515.00

Yamaha MTX3 Matrix Processor

AED 8,657.25 Ex Tax: AED 8,245.00

Yamaha MTX5-D Matrix Processor

AED 15,576.75 Ex Tax: AED 14,835.00

Yamaha PA2030A

AED 1,554.00 Ex Tax: AED 1,480.00

Yamaha PA2120

AED 3,307.50 Ex Tax: AED 3,150.00

Yamaha PX10 Power Amplifiers

AED 3,113.25 Ex Tax: AED 2,965.00

Yamaha PX3 Power Amplifiers

AED 1,942.50 Ex Tax: AED 1,850.00

Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifiers

AED 2,336.25 Ex Tax: AED 2,225.00

Yamaha PX8 Power Amplifiers

AED 2,724.75 Ex Tax: AED 2,595.00

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