Professional Audio

We offer best in the class Professional Audio Equipment across multiple brands that make for valuable addition to your existing audio kits.

Mipro MM-202 Gooseneck Condenser Microphone

AED 181.65 Ex Tax:AED 173.00

Mipro MM-39 Supercardioid Vocal Microphone

AED 190.05 Ex Tax:AED 181.00

Mipro MR-823 Dual-Channel Diversity Receiver

AED 315.00 Ex Tax:AED 300.00

Mipro MR-90 Standard Package

AED 760.20 Ex Tax:AED 724.00

Mipro MR-90S25 Exclusive Socket Interface

AED 70.35 Ex Tax:AED 67.00

Mipro MR-90SB Built-in Battery Pack

AED 118.65 Ex Tax:AED 113.00

Mipro MR-90SC Mounting Fasteners

AED 61.95 Ex Tax:AED 59.00

Mipro MS-11 Wall-Mounting Bracket

AED 21.00 Ex Tax:AED 20.00

Mipro MS-90 Wall Mount Kit

AED 61.95 Ex Tax:AED 59.00

Mipro MT-101ACT Handheld Transmitter

AED 443.10 Ex Tax:AED 422.00

Mipro MU-210 Dual-Sided Headworn Microphone

AED 189.00 Ex Tax:AED 180.00

Mipro MU-23d Dual-Sided Headworn Microphone

AED 313.95 Ex Tax:AED 299.00

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