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Univox P-Loop Portable Loop System

  • Portable loop system for areas up to 150m².
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Portable loop system should be of equal listening quality as a fixed installed loop system. The performance of the Univox P-Loop 2.0 matches that of any professional Univox loop amplifier in terms of field strength and sound quality. No matter if you use a portable or a fixed loop system, the expectations of its performance should be the same. It’s as simple as that.

Univox P-Loop 2.0 has everything that you as a venue owner or a meeting organizer need set up a professional multi purpose loop system. You will have a mobile system on stand-by that fulfil any demand for accessibility that matches or even surpasses the expectations of your hard of hearing guests. The P-Loop case is equipped with an advanced, yet compact built-in loop amplifier and a 35 meter loop cable which is easy to pull out from its dispenser and to reload again. A 15 meter extension cable and a Univox loop receiver are also included.

The case can be supplied with a professional built-in wireless microphone system with different microphone options. Other audio sources can also be connected to either of two phantom powered XLR inputs or an RCA line input. The output signal may also be tapped to external audio equipment via the line out RCA connector.

Our unique Univox dual action AGC control, with extremely fast attack and release time and regulating output AGC, supplies a stable sound with very clear speech perception even in difficult sound environments.

Univox P-Loop 2.0 is compliant with the field strength level demands set by the IEC 60118-4 for loops covering up to 150m².


  • State of the art loop technology
  • Roller case with sturdy wheel design and telescopic handle
  • Dual action AGC for high quality sound
  • Two XLR inputs for microphone/line
  • RCA line input
  • RCA line output
  • LED indicators for mains power, input level and loop current
  • Automatic resettable fuse
  • High output current
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Wireless microphone options