Lumens VC-B2U Full HD 90° FOV Webcam

  • Full HD 1080p premium video quality, Wide 90° field of view angle to capture 1-3 video conference guests, Dual microphones pick up voices from every angle, Compatible with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.
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  • Product Code:VCB2U
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Full HD 1080p Premium Video Image Quality

The professional HD sensor at the heart of the VC-B2U delivers excellent color reproduction and natural looking skin tones. The sensor handles a variety of lighting conditions to deliver perfectly exposed video and sharp images. 

The Perfect Small Group Webcam

The camera's 90° frame of view makes it suitable for a single user or a small group of up to three guests. The output keeps the subject in focus with very little lens distortion. 

Huddle Space Microphones

The two microphones are optimized to capture speech clearly from speakers in front of, or at either side of the camera. They are effective at distances of up to 3.6 meters, making them ideal for huddle rooms and small meeting spaces. 

Personal Video Conference

• One-on-one conference call camera 
• Premium quality webcam with laptop or monitor mount 
• Work from home plug and play device 
• Crystal clear microphone pick-up 

Huddle Space Video Conference

• Pop-in meeting set-up 
• Wide-angle lens 
• Supports collaborative technologies including Barco ClickShare Conference 
• The dual microphones perfectly capture the voices of all participants in the room