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Zildjian ZP1316 Planet Z Launch Cymbal Pack

  • Whether you're a beginning student or a lifelong learner, the redesigned Zildjian ZP 1316 Planet Z cymbal series is a great place to kick off your musical journey.
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American made from an exclusive Zildjian alloy, Planet Z cymbals deliver a bright, cutting attack for big presence onstage and a focused response for control under studio mics. These are not just good cymbals "for the money," but a solid option for players in any price category.

No matter what style of music you enjoy, Planet Zs are an easy and affordable way to complete your setup. This 2-piece set includes a pair of 13" hi-hats and a 16" crash, so can kit up and start drumming the moment it arrives at your door.

Zildjian Planet Z cymbals carry on the tradition of innovative metallurgy that exists within all levels of Zildjian cymbals. The exclusive alloy used to make Planet Z cymbals is a proprietary blend that gives cymbals focus, brilliance, and musicality. The 16" Planet Z crash responds with a pronounced punch that's great for accents to downbeats.

The 13" Planet Z hi-hats exhibit a clean, crisp attack that won't get lost in a mix. If you're looking for exceptional value from an American-made cymbal series, be sure to give Zildjian Planet Z cymbals a chance.

Series Planet Z
Crash 1 16" Thin Crash
Hi Hats 13" Medium Hi-hat
Material Brass