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Yamaha YBN100

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Yamaha crafts five new carbon bows that offer wood-like appearance plus a selection of weights and balances to satisfy individual player preferences.
Stick Material CFRP, GFRP
Color Wood
Grip Material Lizard Leather
Color Brown
Winding Gold-filled Brass
Frog Material Snakewood
Eye (Ring) Abalone/Nickel Brass Ring
Button Metal Nickel Brass
Core Abalone/Snakewood Inlay

Five models offering weight and balance variations

Using carbon, which allows for precision design and manufacturing, we have produced 5 bow variations with different weights and different balances to provide players with a wider range of bows from which to choose.

(Weight and balance values listed above may have an error of +0.3g/-0.3g, +5mm/-5mm.)

Luxurious wood appearance

The YBN100 bows feature a luxurious wood-like appearance. Adding to its refined appearance are the Yamaha logo along with the bow’s model number engraved on the stick above the frog, lizard leather thumb grip and gold-filled brass winding.

Highly-skilled Craftsmanhip

YBN100 is a carbon bow series made in Japan, assembled by highly-skilled craftsmen at the Yamaha Atelier.

Alternate to High-grade Pernambuoco

Using knowledge gained from in-depth analysis of traditional wooden bow making skills and methods, we succeeded to deliver the same performance and quality as wood, giving the soft tonal characteristics and elasticity.

Performance-oriented Bows

Newly developed bow making technologies used in combination with the carbon materials allowed us to control both the bow’s balance and weight, and along with its rigidity and vibration characteristics, delivering bows that offer the ideal balance.