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Yamaha VXC5FW Ceiling Speaker - White

  • 4.5" full-range low-profile ceiling speaker
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4.5" full-range low-profile ceiling speaker

  • 4.5” full-range speaker unit
  • Engineered for optimum BGM reproduction
  • Low-profile design facilitates installation in limited ceiling spaces
  • Direct support for low-impedance or high-impedance connections
  • Built-in carrying band increases safety during installation
  • Anti-drop tab mechanism provide secure temporary positioning during installation
  • Double-threaded speaker clamp screws for speedy tightening
  • Paintable grilles with magnetic catches
  • Black and white versions available
  • 3.1kg (6.8lbs), Ø324 x D143 mm (Ø12-13/16" x D5-11/16")
Speaker type Full range, Bass reflex
Frequency range (-10dB) 60 Hz – 20 kHz (Half-space:2π)
Nominal coverage 130° conical (Half-space :2π)
Components LF-HF 4.5” Full range unit
Power rating NOISE 40 W
PGM 80 W
PEAK 160 W
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
Transformer taps 100V 30 W, 15W, 7.5 W
70V 30 W, 15 W, 7.5 W, 3.8 W
SPL Sensitivity (1W; 1m on axis) 89 dB SPL (Half-space:2π)
Peak (Calculated) 111 dB SPL (Calculated, 1m)
I/O connectors Euroblock (4 pin) × 1 (input: +/-, loop-thru: +/-)
Protection circuit Load protection Full-range power limiting to protect network and transducers
Finish VXC5F: Black (approx. Munsell N3), VXC5FW: White (approx. Munsell N9.3)
Dimensions Diameter 324 mm (12-13/16")
D 143 mm (5-11/16")
Net weight 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
Cutout size Ø285 mm (Ø11-1/4")
Required ceiling board thickness 5 mm – 37 mm
Accessories O-ring, Tile Rail, Cutout Template, Euro Block (4pin), Terminal Cover
Packaging Packaged in pairs
Certificate UL1480, NFPA70, CE, EAC, RoHS
EN54-24 compliance -
Others Conduit tube: Ø15.4 mm - Ø21.3 mm
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Delivers the Highest Quality Background Music

Yamaha’s deep understanding of music comes together with cutting edge technology in newly designed speaker units and resin enclosures that allow an extraordinary degree of acoustic design freedom, resulting in refined, natural music reproduction at any volume level without the midrange distortion that often plagues speakers of this type. The VXC-F's speaker unit size and back box volume have also been painstakingly matched to achieve well-balanced reproduction from low to high frequencies even at low output levels.

Recommended Applications

Restarurant, cafe, bar, retail stores, spa, museum, hotel lobby, ball room, etc.

Smart Design for Safer, Faster Installation

The VXC-F ceiling speakers feature low profile back boxes, reduced weight, and mechanical features that contribute to significantly safer, faster installation. And since these models support both low-impedance and high-impedance connection, the need for extra stock is minimized and systems can be designed to ideally meet the requirements of any application.

Carrying Band

Anti-Drop Tab

Hi-Z or Lo-Z

Both high-impedance and low-impedance connections are supported, and speaker wattage can be easily switched even after installation.

Low Profile

Reduced physical depth allows installation in ceilings where space is limited.


Reduced weight increases installation flexibility while lessening the burden on installation personnel.


A built-in "carrying band" not only makes the speaker easy to carry around, but also increases safety when working on a stepladder.


An anti-drop tab mechanism securely holds the speaker in place so that the installation can proceed safely and efficiently. There’s also a release lever that allows the speaker to be smoothly removed from the ceiling as required.

* Not available with the VXC2F


Double threaded screws used for the speaker clamp mechanism allow the clamps to be tightened twice as fast as conventional screws.


The supplied speaker grilles are firmly and elegantly held in place by powerful magnets. An anti-drop wire is also included.


The supplied grilles can be painted any color to match interior decor.

EN54-24 Certified Versions with Uncompromised Performance

EN54-24 Certified Versions with Uncompromised Performance

Yamaha also offers "VA versions" that meet European EN54-24 voice alarm system requirements. These models have been carefully tuned to retain the natural musical instrument and voice reproduction quality that is a feature in all VXC-F speakers, delivering refined BGM during normal operation while providing exceptional clarity for emergency broadcasts. The ability to support both music playback and emergency broadcasts with a single speaker type contributes to reduced system complexity and cost.

*Available models: VXC5F-VA/VXC5F-VAW/VXC3F-VA/VXC3F-VAW

*VA versions are not available in some regions.