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Yamaha-DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

  • Electronic Drumset: DTX400 Module, 7.5" Snare Pad Single Zone x 1, Tom Pads 7.5" Single Zone x 3, Cymbal Pads 10" Single Zone x 2, Kick Unit, Basic Hi-hat Controller, Rack: Direct Mount Snare and Tom Pads, Direct Mount for Floor Tom posit
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  • Newly developed drum pads incorporating Yamaha’s unique floating system.
  • KU100 kick unit reduces noise when playing the bass drum.
  • Choke-able crash cymbal pad.
  • Ride cymbal pad produces the sound of the cymbal bell when hit strongly.
  • Pedal not included

The sound provided by DTX makes drumming so much fun that you'll never want to stop.

The DTX402 sounds combine years of experience creating authentic, top-quality drum sounds with 10 built-in drum kits, including acoustic effects and electronic sounds to help you find the perfect voice.

You can easily create your own kits and choose from the various high-quality sounds.

Give voice to your musical sensibilities with the expressive range of the DTX.

The free DTX402 Touch app allows any user to easily customize drum kits and take advantage of the training functions. The new Challenge mode gamifies learning to engage and encourage practice and help you quickly develop drumming skills with various genres of music. The DTX402 series also works with the Rec'n'Share app so you can practice and perform with your favorite music and quickly share on social.


The DTX comes with 10 built-in training functions that are only possible with an electronic drum and you can access through the module and with the app.

The module talks to you to encourage you as your trainer, partner! These include the Song Part Gate function, which trains you up gradually over time, the Rhythm Gate Function, which fosters a precise sense of rhythm – fundamental for drumming, and the Fast Blast Function, which measures the speed of your strokes. There is also a scoring function so you can assess your skills objectively.

Take advantage of this complete range of support functions to improve your power of expression as a drummer.

Snare 7.5 inch pad
Tom Pad 7.5 inch pad
Floor Tom Pad 7.5 inch pad
Kick Pad KU100 kick unit
Foot pedal -
Hi-hat Pad 10 inch pad
Crash cymbal 1 10-inch pad with Choke ability
Ride cymbal 10 inch pad
Footprint (average) 800mm x 1000mm
Weight 13.9kg
Accessories Drum key, Connection cable (9ch snake cable), Cable bands(x2) Owner's Manual

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