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Waves Genesis Plugins Bundle : Dynamics, de-essing, delay, reverb

  • Genesis plugins bundle for live sound basics: Dynamics, de-essing, delay and reverb.
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                            For Better Live Sound, Start Here

Genesis is your starting point for high-quality live sound. Solve dynamics and equalization problems with the C4 Multiband Compressor, let the Renaissance DeEsser tame annoying vocal sibilants, add space and atmosphere with Renaissance Reverb, and use H-Delay to create depth and movement.

Use C4 multiband compression on master bus or individual channels

In smaller venues, add ambience and depth with reverb

Reinforce beats and percussion with rhythmic delays

12 realistic, high-density reverb emulations in the R-Verb

Sculpt vocal frequency and dynamics response

DeEsser improves vocal quality by controlling “ess” and “shh” sounds

For bigger sounds, double vocals and instruments with H-Delay

Compatible with all major live sound mixing platforms


4 Plugins Included

1.C4 Multiband Compressor - 4-band multiband dynamics and equalization

The C4 blends an optimum combination of compression, expansion, limiting, dynamic EQ, and standard EQ to edit both dynamics and EQ with ease and accuracy. Whether you need to fix flaws, add intensity, or create character, this multi-purpose, time-tested tool is the answer.

2.H-Delay Hybrid Delay - The complete toolbox for classic delay effects

H-Delay’s comprehensive control set delivers chorusing, flanging, echo, tape delay, looping, doubling, slapback, resonance, vibrato, self-oscillating feedback, and more. Best of all, it covers the sonic range from funky, old-school delays to today’s state-of-the-art sound quality.

3.Renaissance DeEsser - Modern de-esser with extensive visual feedback

De-essing is an essential process when recording vocals, voiceover, audiobooks, and podcasts. Excessive high frequencies caused by “ess” and “shh” sounds can cause distortion, splattering, and make equalization more difficult. Renaissance DeEsser solves these problems—and more.

4.Renaissance Reverb - Smooth algorithmic reverb, 12 reverb types, 265 presets

Algorithmic reverb was the original digital reverb technology, and used recursive processing—which fed back reflections to create ever-more complex and rich reverb reflections. Algorithmic reverbs not only create beautiful, enveloping reverb effects, but are highly customizable.