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Waves Audio eMotion LV1 64-Channel Mixer + Axis One

  • eMotion LV1 64-channel (mono/stereo) software mixer with Waves eMo plugins, Axis One Waves-optimized computer, 8-port network switch and compatible cables.
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Mix studio-grade sound quality live on stage with the eMotion LV1 live mixing system. This combo includes an eMotion LV1 64-channel mixer, an Axis One Waves-optimized computer, and plugins designed for live sound.

Created for front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers, eMotion LV1 is a software-based live mixing console with a powerful 32-bit floating-point mix engine. It includes 64 stereo/mono channels, each with a plugin rack capable of hosting up to eight SoundGrid-compatible plugins for real-time processing.

Also included is the Axis One Waves-optimized computer, built specifically for live sound environments. It features an Intel i5 8500 processor, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, 2 HDMI ports, 1 display port, 8 USB2/3 ports and a USB-C port, all housed in a rugged 2U half-rack case. With maximum stability and rock-solid performance, Axis One is optimized to run eMotion LV1 and other Waves software with power to spare.

To complete your LV1 mixing system, connect your Axis One to a SoundGrid server and a SoundGrid-compatible audio interface.

Axis Scope

The Axis Scope computer is a reliable turn-key solution for live sound, broadcast, and the studio, custom-designed and optimized to run Waves audio applications such as eMotion LV1 and SuperRack.Through careful selection of components and extensive, rigorous testing, Axis Scope is built from the ground up to deliver maximum stability and performance, fully optimized to match the needs of sound engineers using Waves software applications.

Featuring sleek new industrial design combining elegance and durability, and housed in a rugged rack-mountable case, Axis Scope allows you to deliver world-class sound reliably – anywhere, anytime.Mount one device using rack ears or use a rack shelf to mount two devices side by side.With its SoundGrid connectivity, Axis Scope acts as the “brain” of a SoundGrid system, seamlessly interfacing with SoundGrid I/O devices and servers. Use it at front-of-house, at monitor position, or in your broadcast AV rack – or add it to your studio for tracking, mixing and mastering.