Vissonic VIS-MDSP Discussion & Speaker Module

  • Removable gooseneck microphone, Built-in high-fidelity speakers, Special connecting design for easy mount, Front soft light LED indicator, Physical button.
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  • Product Code:VISMDSP
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Hardware module expansion at any time based on needs, including gooseneck microphone, voting, IC card, speakers, and other customizable modules for combination. This hardware function module can transmit full digital signals

● Equipped with a PCI-E male socket for connecting to a conference tablet

● Features a speech button with a dual-color LED ring

● Comes with a 2W high-fidelity speaker

● Equipped with a 6-pin aviation socket for conference microphones

● Detachable with positioning rails for easy connection to a conference tablet anytime

● Built-in Hi-Fi speaker, metal grille structure protects the speaker

● 220mm flexible adjustable gooseneck microphone available

● Dual-color LED status indicator button for MIC ON/OFF

● Works with VIS-PMU to achieve speaking and sound reinforcement functions