We offer the widest range of Saxaphones with a wide range of voicings suitable for players ranging across different levels of proficiency.

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Yamaha YAS-26 Standard Alto Saxophone

AED 4,284.00 Ex Tax:AED 4,080.00

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Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophones

AED 4,525.50 Ex Tax:AED 4,310.00

Yamaha YAS-280S Alto Saxophones

AED 4,746.00 Ex Tax:AED 4,520.00

Yamaha YAS-480 Alto Saxophone

AED 7,329.00 Ex Tax:AED 6,980.00

Yamaha YTS-26 Standard Tenor Saxophone

AED 6,237.00 Ex Tax:AED 5,940.00

Yamaha YTS-480 Tenor Saxophone

AED 9,166.50 Ex Tax:AED 8,730.00

Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Saxophone

AED 16,264.50 Ex Tax:AED 15,490.00

Conn-Selmer AS710 Prelude By CS Alto Saxophone

AED 2,829.75 Ex Tax:AED 2,695.00

K & M 14300 Saxophone Stand - Black

AED 110.25 Ex Tax:AED 105.00

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