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  • Deluxe Windshield comprised of open cell foam and fur sleeve. Suits M5, NT5, NT55 and NT6.
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The RØDE WS8 Deluxe Windshield is an easy to use high-performance windshield for RØDE's most popular small diaphragm condenser microphones, the NT5, NT55 and NT6. Designed to reduce wind noise when recording in adverse environmental conditions, the WS8 combines an open-cell foam surround with an outer layer of acoustically transparent artificial fur. A rubber base prevents any wind noise from entering the rear of the microphone pickup area. The WS8 supports microphones of 20mm diameter and 27mm capsule depth.

Weight 18.00g
Dimensions100.00mmH x 100.00mmW x 100.00mmD
Warranty 1 year