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Percussion Plus PP301 10" Ocean Drum

  • 10" Wave Fish Design Drum, 25cms.
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This beautifully decorated drum from Percussion Plus is a fun and versatile instrument for any percussionist.

When the drum is rolled, metal beads inside it rattle against each other and against the skins of the drum to produce the sound of the ocean. Additional percussive effects can also be created by hitting the drum with a mallet.

The ocean theme is reflected by the colourful fish design on the frame and one side of the drum. The other transparent skin allows you to see inside the drum so you can watch it in action and see how it works.

Please note: A mallet is not included with this product.


Quality drum with ocean design

Filled with beads to produce the sound of the sea when rolled

Sturdy wooden frame topped with decorated canvas

Transparent skin lets you see how the drum works

Can also be played with a mallet