Optocore Redundant AutoRouter - Inteligent Patch Bay for Optocore

  • Creates an intelligent redundant star out of Optocore ring topology.
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  • Product Code:AUTOROUTER
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  • Supports any Optocore system – standalone Optocore, Digico opto links or ProGrid by Clear-Com
  • Supports also AVB of S6L AVID and Yamaha TWINLANe
  • Closes the Optocore loop automatically when active device is switched on/off, added or disconnected
  • Up to 20 x dual LINK duplex Ports for Optocore protocol connection
  • Two independent AutoRouters Main and Backup
  • OptoSplitter for Optical Fiber Operations
  • No fan
  • Dual power supply with automatic switchover
  • 3x 2RU Chassis

Optocore Redundant AutoRouter is compatible with Optocore, ProGrid and DiGiCo fiber loops, creating a redundant ‘star’ out of the ring topology. It works with other well known protocols based on Ring topology as AVID AVB and Yamaha TWINLANe.

It can be used in the installation and live sound market, where mixed ring/star or star topology is more desirable due to a star based fibre cable layout.

Optocore Redundant AutoRouter automatically discovers mobile devices and adds them to the Optocore loop. When mobile device is disconnected or powered down, AutoRouter automatically closes the loop with the remaining devices. It always discovers and switches the links automatically to establish redundancy, without any user action – there is no need to control or change fiber patching by user.

All connections from any external equipment is connected to OptoSplitter. This splits the fiber signal into two and distributes it to both the main and backup AutoRouter. Both routers communicate leaving only one active at a time and automatically switching to the backup router when the active one is absent.

SFP PortsMSA Compliant 
No. of slots  Dual Duplex SingleMode 1Gbit or 1/2Gbit or Multimode 1/2Gbit  up to 20
No. of slots  Typically - depending on ordered version 5, 10, 15, 20
Data rate   up to 2Gbps
Optical ConnectionComplies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 
Power supply2 independent power supplies with function check and automatic switch-over
Type Switch-mode, universal input
Mains voltage 100...240VAC, 50/60Hz, 25VA-typ, 32VA-peak
Dimensions 3x 2 RU / 19”
W x H x D 483 x 88 x 200mm 19.0 x 3.46 x 7.87 inch
Weight 3 x 2.7 kg 3 x 6.0 lbs