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Nord Electro 6 HP 73-Note Hammer Action Portable Keybed

  • Powerful 73-key stage piano with sweet tonewheel organ, synth, and piano tones.
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The Nord Electro 6 combines vintage electro mechanical and acoustic instruments in an ultra-portable package. With 3 independent sound sections, a new streamlined user interface and the addition of Seamless Transitions, Electro 6D is the most powerful and flexible Electro ever - a refined modern classic.Primed for live performance, the Electro 6D 61 offers user-friendly touches like a streamlined interface, enhanced split and layering options, extended polyphony, and much more. Expanded memory now gives you 512MB of memory for the Nord Sample Library, doubling the previously available polyphony. You also get the B3, Vox/Farfisa and B3 Bass from Nord's C2D Combo Organ. Gigging live just got easier with the Nord Electro 6D 61 stage piano. 



  • Seamless Transitions 
  • 3 part multi-timbral 
  • Split and Layer all 3 sections with optional Split Point Crossfades 
  • OLED Display for excellent overview 
  • Organize Mode for quickly rearranging programs, sounds and pages 

Piano Section

  • 1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library
  • Piano Filters
  • Greatly expanded polyphony
  • Sympathetic String Resonance
  • 4 Dynamic Curves

Sample Synth

  • Expanded memory (512 MB) for Nord Sample Library
  • Extended Voice Polyphony
  • Dedicated Sample Synth section with Attack, Decay/Release and dynamic controls


  • B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox and Farfisa simulations
  • 2 Pipe Organ models
  • Dual Organ Mode
  • Model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker 
  • Physical Drawbars on 6D 61 and 6D 73 models  
  • Mount for Half-Moon Switch for Rotary Speaker control (6D 61/73)


  • A wide range of instantly tweakable high quality stereo effects modelled after classic stomp boxes
  • Reverb with Bright Mode


Seamless transitions

The Nord Electro 6 features automatically seamless transitions when changing sounds or programs while playing. 

Layer and advanced Split functionality 

The panel has three independent sound sections; Organ, Piano and Sample Synth that can be used simultaneously as a layer or a split. It features 6 Split Points and the new Split Point Crossfade functionality introduced with the Stage 3 for smooth transitions between two split zones. Choose from 3 different crossfade widths (Small, Large or Off) as indicated by different LED colors.

Refined Program Section 

The new streamlined Program section features a handy Organize mode including Copy/Paste and Move functionality for quickly arranging your Programs to your desired order. A new Page View lets you easily sort and organize pages as a song list. 

All Programs, Pianos and Synth Samples are easily navigated using the new List View that offers alphabetical, numerical and category sorting options.

Number of Keys 73
Keybed73-key Hammer Action Portable
Display128x64 OLED display
Outputs2 outputs (1 stereo or 2 mono)
Control Pedal InputYes
Monitor input
Digital LED
Seamless Transitions
6 Split points 
Crossfade between Split points
Yes, with 3 crossfade widths (Large, Small or Off)
Program Mode (8 banks x 50 programs), Page View
Live/auto save programs
4 locations
Sound Manager 6.x
Extended features
Organ polyphony
Organ modelsC2D B3 Simulation, Farfisa, Vox and Pipe Organ 1 & 2
Rotary speaker simulation
C2D 122 Rotary Speaker simulation 
Mount for Half-Moon Switch
Nord Piano Library memory
1 GB
Piano polyphony
120 (stereo)
Advanced String Resonance
(Gen 2)
Nord Sample Library memory
512 MB
Height 121 mm / 4.8"
Width 1074 mm / 42.3"
Depth 344 mm / 13.5"
Weight 11.4 kg / 25.13 lbs
Reverb3 types (Room, Stage, Hall) with Bright modes