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Neumann KH 120 II DSP Powered Studio Monitor

  • The KH 120 II is designed for unerring monitoring accuracy and, thanks to its impeccable build quality, will provide you with dependable service.
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When Neumann introduced its KH 120 compact nearfield monitor, studio professionals listened up. After all, Neumann is the granddaddy of pro audio transducer manufacturers, having debuted their first microphone — the CMV 3 — in 1928. Now, the KH 120 II builds on the considerable success of its predecessor with across-the-board improvements: more power, an onboard DSP engine, deeper bass response, higher SPL capability, and even better resolution. The internal DSP power facilitates linear-phase crossovers and room-adaptive alignment with Neumann’s groundbreaking MA 1 Automatic Alignment system. As you would expect of a Neumann product, the KH 120 II is designed for unerring monitoring accuracy and, thanks to its impeccable build quality, will provide you with dependable service, session after session, year after year.

Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide

The magnetically shielded aluminum cabinet is loaded with a long-throw, composite-sandwich 5.25-inch woofer and a titanium-fabric 1-inch dome tweeter. A 145-watt amplifier drives the woofer, while the tweeter obtains its power from a 100-watt amp. The front baffle incorporates Neumann’s Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide, which helps produce a broad sweet spot and smooth off-axis response. In a stereo configuration, the KH 120 delivers rock-solid imaging with a satisfying sense of depth.


Small-format nearfield monitor with high SPL capability and deep bass extension to 44Hz

DSP engine for improved performance and automatic room alignment

Analog and S/PDIF connectivity (optional AES67)

High-precision drivers, Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide

Razor-sharp imaging due to extremely low tolerances (±0.5dB)

May be combined with other KH series speakers in immersive or surround setups

Linear frequency response: 44Hz–21kHz (±3dB)

Linear phase response: 120Hz–16kHz (±45°) with latency <2.6 ms

  • Powered: Yes
  • Power Configuration: Bi-amped
  • Quantity: Single
  • LF Driver Size: 5.25" Woofer
  • LF Driver Type: Magnetically shielded
  • HF Driver Size: 1" Tweeter
  • LF Driver Power Amp: 145W
  • HF Driver Power Amp: 100W
  • Total Power: 245W
  • Frequency Response: 44Hz-21kHz (±3 dB)
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.7kHz
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 116.8 dB SPL
  • Input Types: 1 x XLR, 1 x Coax (S/PDIF)
  • Output Types: 1 x Coax (S/PDIF)
  • Other I/O: 1 x RJ45 (Ethernet Control Network)
  • Features: DIP switches, Tilt, Input Gain, Input Selector
  • Software: Neumann MA 1 Monitor Alignment App
  • Enclosure Type: Front Ported
  • Height: 11.3"
  • Width: 7.16"
  • Depth: 8.94"
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 509122