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Meinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit - MYO-CAJ-OV

  • 1 x Assembly Instructions 2 x Side Panels 1 x Base Panel 1 x Top Panel 1 x Rear Panel;,1 x Playing Surface (with MEINL logo) 2 x Side Battens 1 x Base & 1 x Top Batten 1 x Securing Batten for the Snare 1 x Snare 4 x Rubber feet 15 x Screws 3
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One of the most popular percussion instruments today is the Cajon and now with the new MEINL Cajon Kit, you can build your own. The kit comes with all the parts and a list of the materials and tools you need. The instructions will guide you through this fun project and in the end, you will be able to customize the finish of the instrument by adding oil, a lacquer, wax, or paint it with an entirely unique design.


    18" x 11.75"


  • Steel snare wires