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Meinl Kalimba medium Wood Black - KA7-M-BK

  • The sound is pure joy and a great addition to any percussion kit.
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You don’t have to be a trained musician to play Meinl kalimbas.  Also known as a thumb piano, these instruments create soothing melodic tones and are tuned to a specific scale where all the notes complement each other - this means you will never play a wrong note.

The great thing about Meinl kalimbas, besides their accessibility to anyone, is that they are multi-functional. Percussionists utilize these instruments to add subtle layers of sound in a recording studio, sound therapists use them for meditation and relaxation and you can simply enjoy these instruments at home however you please. Kalimbas are fun for any music enthusiast, regardless of background, age, or skill level.


  • Extra-wide tongues for comfort


  • e' g d'' e c' a a'


  • Medium