LightShark LS Nodes

  • The multifunction node that integrates 4 devices in one.
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  • Product Code:LSNODES

LS Nodes integrates a double power supply system: USB-C or PoE (Power over Ethernet). If the power cord is lost or damaged, no problem, it's easy to have another one.

They have an integrated two-port Ethernet switch, which allows you to make daisy chain configurations.

You can work with LS Nodes both in installation and live. And due to its size, it is ideal for both applications, since its ¼ rack format allows you to rack 4 units in a single rack space.

With LS Nodes you have 4 devices in one:

  • Node
  • Merger mode. It receives information from different consoles and merges it into the same output.
  • Back up mode. As a backup unit, if there is a problem in the main console, it automatically detects it and switches to the secondary one with a maximum latency of three seconds
  • Splitter mode. It receives and distributes the signal.

Each LS Nodes output is programmable and works as input and output and adapts to many types of equipment since its frame rate is configurable.

LS Nodes is one of the smallest 4-universe nodes on the market and the most versatile. It adapts to any team and gives you peace of mind and comfort, both in the assembly and during the live performance.


1. 1/4Rack" size

With the same design as the LS-Core, LS-Node´s enclosure fit in a 1/4"rack format and combined with the LS-AR19 accessory it can be built a console with 8 direct universe outputs with LS-Core or up to 16 DMX output node all in 1HU size!

2. Not just a node, it can be much more things

LS-Nodes are not just nodes, they can be used as splitter, merger, back-up...why have only one device when you can have many in one with an LS-Node?

3. PoE Powered

Use the advantages to send power and data through the same cable with the built-in Power Over Ethernet feature.

4. Built-in Gigabit switch

Because this is not the end of line, Set up your LS-Nodes in daisy chain thanks to the built-in Gigabit switch. No need a dedicated switch anymore.

5. USB-C Standard power input

We want your show goes on and if you loose the power supply will be easy for you to find an standard USB-C 5V mobile phone or laptop charger to turn on your Node in case or emergency.

6. Power safe system

Prevent accidental power off with the power safe accessory included to secure the power connection. Show must go on!

7. The smallest 4-Universe node

LS-Node 4 provides 4 direct DMX universe ib just 1/4" rack! imagine you can build 16 universe node with 4 LS-Node-4 in 1HU