LightShark LS Core

  • The most compact 8-universe console on the market.
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  • Product Code:LSCORE

LS Core fits anywhere. It is compact and robust, perfect both to carry it in your backpack, as well as for fixed installations since it offers in a minimum container, all the power of Lightshark.

It is fully configurable from the internet, and you can take it with you as back up unit. Travel lightly with LS Core without losing functionality or applications. Work quietly with LS Core. Because the software is not running on your device, it is installed on the console, so if your computer hangs or you have any problem, you continue from your mobile or your iPad. Because you control everything from a browser.

Avoid any technical complications. LS Core is very fast to assemble. You just need to connect to Wi-Fi to start working.

In addition, with LS Core you have the most intuitive software on the market, with a very fast learning curve. Forget about barriers to entry and eternal formations. Starts. Works. Learn.


1. World´s smallest 8-universe Lighting console

Big things comes in small format. The LS-Core is the most portable console able to manage up to 8 universes. Perfect for a lighting technician on constant movement or to fit in a small space for architectural lighting applications

2. 1/4Rack" size

Designed to fit in a 1/4"rack format and combined with the LS-AR19 accessory it can be built a console with 8 direct universe outputs with LSNodes all in 1HU size!

3. USB-Host Host to connect MIDI consoles

Data port that can be used to upgrade the console but also to connect a MIDI external console.

4. Information Display

Monitor software version, Wifi, IP, MAC address and more directly with the integrated display

5. WiFi Antenna

Wireless connection to your console using any web browser to take all the power of Ligthsark UI in your hand


2 Direct DMX Universes:
Plug directly 2 DMX universes
LAN Connector
8 DMX universes available to stream through the network (ArtNet, sACN) and also can be used to connect your tablet or computer to control the console if you don´t want to use WiFi
3 port GigaBit Switches
LS-Wing has a built-in 3 port GigaBit Switch to extend your network configuration