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LightShark LS 1

  • The power of the LightShark engine combined with a complete hardware surface.
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The Lightshark 1 brings together the best features from the world of the LightShark software engine and marries them to an intuitive, ergonomic hardware control surface. 4 encoders, 10 master playbacks and a color built-in display, combined with a complete set of RGB buttons, give the users a full console platform able to manage incredible shows in a very reduced size, which is compatible with airplane carry-on luggage.


1. 2 Screens Configuration

You choose how to operate with the console, using one big screen (upto 13") or two smaller screens (upto 8") or even more screens are possible! You just need a web browser on each screen.

2. 10 Faders + Master

The ideal configuration for a compact lighting console where you can set up up to 30 pages, and totally expandable with the LS-Wing companion

3. 4.5" TFT Color Screen

The important information always available in this small but useful screen "always on top"

4. 4 Encoders

All Lighting consoles need a good encoder interface and the LS-1 brings you four of them to control all the parameters of your fixtures. Accurate control at your fingertips

5. Strong Aluminium Frame

LS 1 is one of the most portable consoles in the market and that needs a strong enclosure but also ergonomics that makes easy to handle. The strong aluminium frame offers protection and ergonomics at the same time.


Kesington security slot
Secure your console when you are not looking at it. Compatible with Kensington type locks
Lamp Port
Look what you do in low light conditions using this Lamp port with 3pin XLR Connector to plug the Lightshark compatible LED light LLG from our accessories range
Direct DMX Universes
Plug directly 2 DMX universes with double 3-pin & 5-pin XLR interface. We want your show goes on!
LAN Connector
8 DMX universes available to stream through the network (ArtNet, sACN) and also can be used to connect your tablet or computer to control the console if you don´t want to use WiFi

Stay up to date with the firmware updates using this USB to upgrade your console
Charge USB Port
Keep your smart devices full of battery thanks to this 5V2A USB port
WiFi, Antenna
Access to the Lightshark User Interface with your device web browser and unleashe the full potential of the lightshark control platform