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Lava ME2 Freeboost Semi Acoustic Guitar- Orange

  • Semi-Acoustic Guitar Great sound. Easy to play. Weatherproof. Powerful electronic system. Easy to carry.
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Future. Evolution

The LAVA ME 2 has the same iconic design, yet has stepped forward on every component. The Super AirSonic on the soundboard combining with the innovative honeycomb structure brings a new level of clarity. The FreeBoost technology lets you play with effects without plugging in. The FlyNeck design with the Plek technology gives you an effortless playing experience.

The BreatheNet Honeycomb structure. And the Super AirSonic.

A new generation of the AirSonic Carbon fiber combined with the acoustic simulation design. Each honeycomb has different height and thickness based on its mechanical function. It generates extraordinary sound even with just a slight pluck. The curved honeycomb structure keeps providing a sonorous and clear sound.

1.4mm Thickness

15% Lighter

20% Stronger

Curved Honeycomb Structure

1.7 kg. Ultra Light.

Lightweight is one of the most important advantages that AirSonic provided. The 1.7 kg guitar allows you to bring it wherever you like so simple & easy.

The All-New L2 Pickup and The FreeBoost Technology

Playing with Effects Without Plugging Into an Amp

The all-new FreeBoost Technology uses the back of the LAVA ME as a speaker. Turn on the pickups without plugging it in, you could play with reverb, delay, chorus.

Internal Mic built-in

The L2 Pickup enables with percussion sound receiving mic. It enhances and embellishes the percussion sound no matter if it is used with or without plugging it in.

Ideal Bag 2

To protect the guitar, Ideal Bag 2 is designed to fit perfectly with the guitar body. And this bag can sit perfectly inside the cabin when you are traveling around.

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