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  • ANAS Handpan |22 Inch| Special Nitriding Steel Inspirited Polar Aurora Provide Ethereal Warmer Pro Sound| D Key 9 Notes (D4 Bb3 G3 F4 A4 E4 C4 G4 Ding) |CASE + Handpan Oil
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For the first time in the world, by using the technology of a special type of coating on steel with inspiration of “Polar Aurora”, we succeeded in producing 7-color instruments, which have been highly welcomed by the domestic and foreign markets.

There are two types of material which Handpan can made out of them:Nitrided steel and stainless steel. Nitrided steel is softer than stainless steel and therefore, has better malleability, so, Handpans made of this material are easier to tune. In contrast, stainless steel is harder and less malleable, so, the tuning of Handpans made of it is very difficult. Due to this difference in characteristics of these two material many Handpan manufactures tend to use Nitrided steel. Even companies with production capacity of 50 Handpans per month, cannot make more than 5 or 6 stainless steel Handpans!

In our handpans, we only use stainless steel. The most obvious and upfront positive quality of stainless steel is that it does not rust, you can take your Handpan to the beach or other humid areas and play without worrying about having it rust. The sustain of the stainless steel Handpan is quite longer than nitrided steel, resulting with a very warm and soft tone with abundance of sustain. Because of these, more non-professional people and newbies who have made up a large part of the Handpan market, tend to buy stainless steel Handpans. More percussionists tend to buy Nitrided steel Handpans because of its more ceramic and clay sounding.