AEQ XPEAK D Desktop Intercom User Panel

  • Desktop User Panel with 8 pageable 4way levers , 2 IP ports.
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  • Product Code:732014246
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Xpeak_D desktop user panels are the perfect choice in desktop environments. Its 8 4 way levers acting as 16 virtual keys facilitating their use, with functionalities of Talk-Listen and Volume.

The signalling of functionalities through displays speeds up the handling of the equipment. The LEDs arranged on the levers show the communication groups in a simple and clear way.

With USB and Bluetooth connectivity for headsets, this latter also allows you to make and receive calls from a smartphone.

The Xpeak_D panels have a double Ethernet connector for star connection to a switch, or if required, to daisy-chain the user panels.

- 8 x 4-way cross-point levers with associated RGB led.
- 2 screens for menu and contextual information associated with the levers.
- Rotary encoder, menu key and signalling LEDs.
- Internal power supply.
- Internal 1Gbps Ethernet switch, with two external RJ45 network ports to connect panels in “Daisy Chain” to a single switch port.
- GPIO: 10-pin mini-Hartmann connector includes 2 opto-coupled GPIs and 2 GPOs, one external circuit power pin, and ground.
- Bluetooth: The equipment incorporates a Bluetooth connection as an audio interface with a telephone or headset.
- Front audio:
    - Gooseneck electret microphone supplied with the panel.
    - Internal speaker that develops 84 dB SPL @ 1 m.
- USB Audio:
    - Front USB for headsets.
    - Rear USB Type B: To incorporate PC audio.
- Bluetooth audio: The equipment can be paired with a Bluetooth device, for example a headset or a smartphone.