AEQ Talent Audiocodec

  • An essential IP audiocodec to make radio from anywhere.
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TALENT provides connectivity for professional microphones and headphones for the host or guests of a program, from home or anywhere. Audio quality can not be distinguished from any of the voices that may be present at the studio of the station.

The unit transmits high-quality, OPUS encoded audio, from a microphone to the studio console, and brings the feedback to the headphones.

But TALENT provides other, complementary features that are extremely useful:

An external Stereo audio source can be connected physically and through a high-quality Bluetooth connection. These sources are added to the microphone signal, allowing you to broadcast and comment on concerts, sports or other events, or individual audio files or play-lists from a phone or PC and present them.

If a Bluetooth connection is established with a phone, this can be used to carry out a phone interview, either through a conventional call, or if we want more quality, through applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and others. Calls can be mixed to the program that is sent to the station.

To send the audio to the station, a domestic internet connection can be used, ADSL, fiber, or a wireless 3G / 4G / 5G data connection through a simple router / modem with a SIM card.

In situations where there is no IP connection it is possible to reach the Studio in high-definition voice quality (HD voice), using the Bluetooth connectivity of the smartphone.

TALENT is designed for desktop use and is light and small. It weighs about 600 grams and occupies a footprint of approx.  20 x 13 cm. This is equivalent to less than half of an A4 page.

The controls on the front panel are simple and straightforward; microphone and headphone level adjustments, Off-hook-call / hang-up button, hang-up button, indicators for incoming and outgoing signal levels, equipment and communication status.