Musical Instruments

The largest retail shop for Musical instruments in the United Arab Emirates. To make the best music, Thomsun provides you with the best ...

Flight DUS322 Zebrawood Soprano Ukulele

AED 299.25 Ex Tax:AED 285.00

Flight DUS330 RELIC Soprano Ukulele

AED 288.75 Ex Tax:AED 275.00

Flight DUS371 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

AED 288.75 Ex Tax:AED 275.00

FLIGHT DUS410 QA Quilted Ash Soprano Ukulele

AED 451.50 Ex Tax:AED 430.00

Flight DUS430 Dao Soprano Ukulele

AED 315.00 Ex Tax:AED 300.00

Flight DUS440 Acacia Soprano Ukulele

AED 409.50 Ex Tax:AED 390.00

Flight DUS445 Glossy Acacia Soprano Ukulele

AED 504.00 Ex Tax:AED 480.00

Flight DUS450 Mango Soprano Ukulele

AED 367.50 Ex Tax:AED 350.00

Flight DUS460 Amara Soprano Ukulele

AED 477.75 Ex Tax:AED 455.00

Flight FLUST01BK Black Ukulele Stand

AED 42.00 Ex Tax:AED 40.00

Flight FTC33 Chromatic Clip On Tuner

AED 21.00 Ex Tax:AED 20.00

Flight Juliana Acacia Concert Ukulele

AED 840.00 Ex Tax:AED 800.00

Flight MUC2 Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele

AED 682.50 Ex Tax:AED 650.00

Flight MUS2 Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

AED 498.75 Ex Tax:AED 475.00

Flight NUC310 Concert Ukulele

AED 229.99 Ex Tax:AED 219.04

Flight NUP310 Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

AED 210.00 Ex Tax:AED 200.00

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