• Fender Special Edition Lone Star Stratocaster Ghost Silver

Fender Special Edition Lone Star Stratocaster Ghost Silver

  • Brand:
  • Product Code: 0140167381
  • AED 2,677.00

The Fender Special Edition Lonestar Stratocaster Ghost Silver has an Alder Body, Modern "C" Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, White Dot Inlays, 3-Ply Mint Green Pickguard, Standard Cast/Sealed Staggered Tuners and Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo Bridge, Texas Special Single-Coil Neck and Middle Pickups, Twin Head Humbucker Bridge Pickup,

Limited to 38 in the UK

For guitarists who want powerful tone as big as Texas itself, the Special Edition Lone Star Strat is hot-rodded through the roof with Texas Special? single-coil neck and middle pickups, and a huge-sounding Twin Head humbucking bridge pickup. As if that?s not enough, the S-1? switch built into the volume knob selects the outer coil of the bridge pickup for single-coil tone. You get versatile tone from singing to screaming, with a special Ghost Silver finish and silver pickguard.

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