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Fender American Original 60s Strat Rosewood In Olympic White

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  • Product Code: 0110120805
  • AED 7,299.00

The Fender American Original 60s Strat captures the spirit of an iconic instrument. The years that saw Hendrix rule the guitar world and the Strat grew up and mellowed a bit with the introduction of the Rosewood board.

The white scratchplate became mint green and the Maple board became Rosewood but at its heart, the guitar was still clear and articulate with an incredibly 'vocal-like' response.

The thick 60s C-shaped neck is perfect for both lead and rhythm playing and the 9.5" fretboard radius gives you modern playability. Other period-correct features include vintage tall frets and 6-point trem but the switching is a modern 5-way so you can still get all of your favourite Strat tones from the wax-potted Pure Vintage '65 Single Coil pickups.

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