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Combo Offer - Rode Wireless GO II & Rode HS2 Headphone (Black or Pink)

  • Combo includes: Rode Wireless GO II and Rode HS2 Headphone (Black or Pink)
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1.Rode Wireless GO II

    The Wireless GO II boasts a range of powerful features, including universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices and     computers, extended range (200m line of sight) and improved transmission stability, on-board recording capabilities, and much     more. This is next generation wireless audio.

2.Rode Wearables - HS2BS Small Headset Microphone( Black or Pink)

   The HS-2 black/small from Rode is a low profile, ergonomic and lightweight headset microphone that provides clean, clear and         pronounced audio for any application where the microphone needs to be in close proximity to presenter''''s mouth. The result of           an extensive and complete redesign process, the Rode HS2 features an adjustable corrosion resistant stainless spring-steel boom    arm and headband connected to pliable hypoallergenic silicone ear strips for maximum flexibility and user comfort.